41 Days until I head to the SAHARA! 

The last few weeks I have really amped up my training load! I am now running over 140km’s per week, the aim was originally to build up to 160km’s but the new goal is to hit 175/180km’s and then taper off a few weeks before I head away…in saying that…lets see how the body holds up!

I have completed my first 6 week block of strength training at Science of Fitness and am 2 weeks into the second block. After 2 years of not being able to do chin-ups since breaking both of my wrists I can finally do them again  – STOKED is an understatement haha. The support that the boys at the gym have shown is awesome! Over the past few weeks Rory Maguire has really taken the time to sit and talk through all things nutrition, training and mindset with me which I really appreciate. Also thanks to Rory Tim’s for putting up with my constant questions 🙂
I no longer am training under a running coach so I rely more heavily on the boys at Science of Fitness to help me to plan out my runs, km’s, load and tapering so that I am peaking when I head to the Sahara.

Training Weekend at Moreton Island!

2 weekends ago I had a training weekend at Moreton Island where I spent 2 days running sand dunes, trails and hiked Mount Tempest – which is the highest coastal sand dune in the world. This was an awesome weekend where I covered over 60km’s in the 2 days and was the first time running with a 6kg pack on through the sand. I am so thankful to my parents for taking me over to practice training with all my gear on. I really enjoyed training in new surroundings and I felt really good after the weekend – I am hoping to do another day over there before I go away.


White Cloud Foundation Leaping Ladies Charity Morning


This day was created by the White Cloud Foundation specifically supporting the mental health of vulnerable new mothers. 10 of us ‘leaped’… or abseiled (haha) over the Kangaroo Point Cliffs which for some of the ladies with a fear of heights was quite scary! It was such a great morning and I met some amazing women from all walks of life who are really leading the way in their field and over $5000 was raised!

I was lucky enough to meet Ben Davis from 4BC on the day and he invited me to chat with him on the radio later that afternoon. we spoke about everything involved with the 4 Deserts and what motivates me to run 1000km’s across 4 of the harshest Deserts in the World. I loved chatting to Ben and look forward to keeping him in the loop throughout the year!

The link is below to have a listen to our chat on the radio.


New Sponsors

Flight Centre Sports and Events Excited to of picked up a 12 month contract with the Flight Centre Sports and Events team alongside a number of other sponsored athletes. This is going to make planning my travel a whole lot easier with my own Travel Manager and financial support as a part of the contract. Thanks guys!

KathmanduEarlier this year I applied to the Kathmandu Adventure Sponsorship and was successful! The equipment professionals at Kathmandu assessed the list of equipment needed for my first trip and put together a pack suited specifically to me and my adventure.

City CaveI am beyond happy to be on board with City Cave as their newest Ambassador. The float and wellness centre in Paddington and James Street is the perfect place for me to go and recover and just zen out. Owners Tim and Jeremy have not only been super supportive but their enthusiasm and excitement for what I am undertaking is awesome! Pumped to be teamed up with you both!

Allianz Travel InsuranceThe team at Allianz are making sure I am staying safe this year with all of my travels and have provided much needed assistance. This would not of been possible without the help from Nicole Stallard who has gone above and beyond in every aspect of the process. This lady has been unreal in really getting behind what I am doing and I am so thankful to have people like you around – Absolute legend!

Mooyee Electronic Muscle Recovery – Honestly I never really was sure about devices like the Mooyee but this little gadget changed my mind. The Mooyee sends small amount of electrical stimulation through your body to help your muscles relax… after a long run this is exactly what I need! I use the Mooyee M2 and love it!

New Donations & Fundraising!


Excited to say I have almost hit the $4000 mark in my fundraising efforts! This is thanks to all of you who have donated so far!

Thank-you to the following people who recently donated;

Pammy Barden, Kath Page, Mitch Brook & Mel B, Ash Webber, Brilee Matic, Linda Rogers & Tony Downward, Nic Stallard, Zoe Berry, Dani Gordon, Dayle Coombes, Scott & Robyn Emerson.


Thanks for keeping up to date with everything I am up to!

J xx