Running 250km’s across the Hottest Desert in the World in less than 2 weeks… piece of cake…

Are you ready? How are you feeling? Wow 2 weeks – so soon! Are you excited? How is training going? 

These are all the questions I get daily… and my response is – good, yeah it will be fine, no worries! …truth is…

I am freaking out just slightly… not only at the fact that in less than 2 weeks I will be in the Sahara ready to run 250km’s across the Hottest Desert in the world but also at the fact that I will be doing it not only this once but again… again and then again in Mongolia, Chile and Antarctica…Shit.. haha what have I signed up to…

It is only 2 weeks now until I head to the Sahara for the first of the 250km races… eeek, it has definitely crept up on me! If you had of asked me 2 weeks ago how I felt about it my response would be super excited, prepared and ready to go… that was until I had some small set backs.
The last 2 weeks I have been battling some nasty plantar fasciitis issues, I have backed right off from my running and instead have been biking, swimming, boxing, more circuit training – almost everything except running. I have also been doing everything possible to get it better with the help from my physiotherapist and podiatrist trying a number of different solutions. Along with this I have spent the past 4 days bed ridden with viral tonsillitis! Not fun! So it is safe to say the last 2 weeks haven’t been great preparation and now it is only 14 days until I head away… here’s to hoping the last 8 months of ground work has put me in good stead for the event.
Other than that all I can do is put on a brave face, wack on a smile and put one foot in front of the other 🙂 
On a more positive note!
2 weeks ago I ran a Charity Workout for The White Cloud Foundation to help raise extra funds and awareness for my chosen Mental Health Charity!  The day was a massive success, it was so much fun and $2450 was raised! Thank-you so much to everyone who purchased raffle tickets and turned up for a sweat sesh on the Sunday morning. 
Thanks to Sammy Hankins, Lachlan Brook, Amy Carter for all the help on this day! Also to Kelly and Dave the owners of my F45 at Centenary Suburbs. 
Special Mention to Barbara and Nicole for helping with all the raffle tickets – appreciate it and also to Mount Ommaney Fruit Shop (Adriana and Mel) thanks guys! 

Trail Running Shoot in Sydney

I am super excited to be heading down to Sydney tomorrow to be shooting all things trail running, hiking and outdoors with Brett Hemming a Redbull Photographer in the Kosciusko National Park. 

There are 2 other super experience trail runners involved – Mark Bourne an Australian Mountain Running Champion and Aaron Knight – I am sure to learn a lot off these guys. We will spend 3 days getting a whole heap of video and photo content and I also will be giving camping a go for the first time! The main sponsor for this is Jaybird and I also have Kathmandu and Flight Centre helping make this trip possible for me.

New Sponsors

My FAVOURITE and most loved sponsors !
My Grandma & Nana ! 

This was a big shock to me when my Grandma and Nana called me just a week apart from each-other and told me how they really want to support me and help make this years crazy adventure happen! They both know how expensive what I am doing is and wanted to provide me with some financial support.
I honestly almost fell off my chair when my Grandma rang out of the blue and told me this, I was not expecting it at all. I definitely don’t cry easily but this moment was a massive tear jerker, I just wanted to jump through the phone and give her a hug.
I look forward to being able to complete the first run and show both my Grandma and Nana some amazing photos and tell them all about it. Seeing both of them getting older really makes me cherish my ability to be able to both mentally and physically have the capability to do these things. I hope completing these 4 runs this year will make both my Grandma and Nana really proud.

Channel Ten

I am very excited to have Channel 10 on board as a new sponsor! Thanks for the support and a special mention to Paul Anderson for getting behind me with this years endeavours!


Thanks to Jason @ Figjam Express for supporting me this year.

I am loving having meals prepared specifically for me to have ready to go when I am rushing between work and training. They are gourmet meals made fresh ready to go!

30 Grams 

The guys at 30.Grams have been so supportive since the first day I purchased supplements from them! Since then they have jumped on board as a sponsor and are providing me with all the supplements I need to assist in my training. Adam is always there as a sounding board if I need to discuss anything to do with my nutrition and supplements – Thanks guys!

New Donations

Thank-you so much to the new donations to The White Cloud Foundation! Over $7000 has now been raised 🙂

Donate Here

Adam @ 30 Grams, Chrissie Buchanan, Courtney Guest, Laura David, Laura and Tate Hardy, Vikki Bester, Michael Teague, Danny-Elle Kissick, Mcrae Family!

How to follow my Sahara Race

I will be posting the link on my Facebook and Instagram in 2 weeks time on how you can follow my race in the Sahara! A friend will be keeping my social media up to date with updates whilst I am running (or crawling my way across the Desert).

Thanks so much to everyone who sends kind words of encouragement it honestly means a lot to me 🙂