I am still deciding which is the greatest challenge I have set myself…

1) Running 250km’s across 4 of the most severe deserts in the world…all in one year…
2) Raising over $20,000 for Mental Health to raise awareness for depression…
3) Gaining enough sponsorship to enable me to complete the events…
But who doesn’t love a challenge! Nothing worth doing is ever easy right? 

Sahara Namibia – 4 Deserts Image

I am writing this blog to say a MASSIVE THANK-YOU to everyone who has supported me from the get go!

I know it’s only the beginning but due to the nature of these events being so big and well…over a year in length… it really is becoming a huge portion of my life…Sorry Mum, Dad, Harry and ‘my best-friend Kayla’ as sometimes I struggle to talk about anything else. Ha! Ha!

So it’s only been a month since I started telling people about my undertaking in 2018 and already so many family, friends, fellow workers, neighbours and complete strangers have shown support through donations, sponsorship, encouraging words and even by just sharing my blogs and fundraising page. I get a huge smile across my face and sense of immense joy with every small gesture!

So far the donations raised for my chosen charity are amazing!
The White Cloud Foundation
Donations can be made via this link.
Who are The White Cloud Foundation?
They believe that to be healthy a person needs physical, mental and social well being. Indeed, the World Health Organisation states ‘there is no health without mental health’.


Along with donations I have also gained personal support in a number of ways from business’, brands and individuals. None of this is possible at all without these sponsors!

FTI Consulting; A huge thanks to John & Julia Park for being my very first sponsors on board and backing me in such early stages over a month ago. Special mention to their wonderful daughter Zoe Park for assisting with it all.

Lululemon Indooroopilly; From the very first day I met the Lulu team and told them about my 2018 venture (they probably thought I was crazy haha) but they have been nothing but supportive! The gang at Lulu are helping me out with training and event gear, yoga and also just being there to support me with anything I need.
Kate (KJ) and Caiti you girls are legends, I appreciate everything you do for me! And Greg, Shania, Sam and Beth!
Body Leadership Physiotherapy; For my ongoing physiotherapy treatment in the lead up to and throughout the events! Thanks Paul and Ang!

Tony Russell; Generous financial support and great family friend.

Lenore Gresham; Lenore has been one of my top sponsors/supporters throughout the years in my 100k Oxfam Events! Lenore has a huge heart and is very generous and has really helped me out a great deal for these next events.

Arthur Conias; Arthur Conias Real Estate – Very Kind of Arthur, Caroline and the business to sponsor me.
Chris Melsom; Thank-you for reaching out as a fellow Tennyson resident. Not only is your financial sponsorship going to help a great deal but also your ongoing support and assistance in other areas.
Shout out to everyone who has donated to my charity so far – big hugs to you all!

Jade Lewis, Danni Cox, Emily Bliss, James Hopkins, Greg & Lynn Mellifont, Noel & Jenni Ingram, Stacey Christie, Mr & Mrs Anonymous 🙂
Where to from here?

My main focus is always on my health, training, recovery and of course work… without working as much as I possibly can, I wouldn’t be able to fund this challenge.

Training Event…

I am only 1 week out from a 50km Race at the Gold Coast, I completed a 30km hit out run last Friday which I felt pretty good about although I am still a tad nervous since I have been sick with the Flu for the past week. It is on the cards to drop back to the 30km event but this isn’t something I am wanting to do unless I have to. The past week off training has been my longest break in 4 months…early tapering I am calling it…fingers crossed I will be feeling fresh and ready to go for my event next weekend!

Thanks to everyone for the generosity, support and for just reading this I am so grateful!

You can make a donation to the White Cloud Foundation via my fundraising page here 

There is also opportunities available for sponsorship if you would like to help me make my way to 4 corners of the earth across 4 of the most severe deserts in the world to take on this epic challenge.
Please contact via email –

JBell xx

30km hit out run last Friday

2015 – 3rd place at the 50km Ultra Marathon @ Gold Coast 
Myself & Sophie Curnow (2nd Place)