Engaging. Entertaining. Vulnerable.

Jacqui loves sharing her experiences to inspire others to take on challenges they think aren’t possible

Keynote Speaker

"Jacqui Bell has a big story to tell, and the way she delivers it is both relatable and inspirational. Her achievements to date are remarkable and in seeking out a brand ambassador for Adrenaline.com.au she represented our values and purpose."
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Parallels of Ultra Running & Everyday Life

“You will think you found the perfect formula for success, but then another curve ball is thrown at you. Just like in everyday life, you will be smooth sailing and kicking goals in every aspect of your life but then something always pops up… it is how you sit back and work through this… how often we just lose our bundle and fall to pieces.”

Jacqui Bell Keynote Speaker

Overcoming Adversity

“The brutal truth is that I have minimal control over many things that happen in life, but I now understand the power of being able to change my perspective.  So I redirect my time and energy into the things that are up to me. My effort, attitude and how I react to these adversities. 

It was only through this experience that I am now capable of recognising when I am digging myself into a massive hole.  That is when I need to step back and shift my perspective from all negative self talk, to a more positive outlook.”

Imagine running almost 2,000 kilometres - mostly through gruelling desert terrain - all while your toenails keep falling off - 10 of them, to be precise...

For most, it sounds like a form of torture. Not so for ultramarathon runner Jacqui Bell, especially when you consider what she’s already been through.  Jacqui has a big story to tell and the way she delivers it is both relatable and inspirational.

Jacqui’s next endeavour was to be The Youngest Person in history to run not only an Ultra Marathon but a Multi-Stage Ultra Marathon on all 7 continents.Jacqui achieved that record in August 2019 with two final races in Iceland and the Grand Canyon and fortunately, this incredible achievement was captured by stunning drone and steady-cam vision which Jacqui incorporates into her empowering keynotes.

Jacqui loves sharing her experiences to inspire others to take on challenges they think aren’t possible, and provides a personal window into her pathway to mental health, resilience, purpose and how to create a performance mindset.

Talking Points

– Strategy + Planning
– In choice (having the choice)
– Personal responsibility

– How to overcome obstacles and push forward
– Assessing the new circumstances and pivoting in the plan – how to adapt
– Focusing your energy on the task at hand

– Defining your driving why
– Working with purpose

– Shifting your view on a situation to be able to step back and see it for what it really is
– Focus energy in the right direction

– Once you get this right, everything follows
– The power of choice
– Making the decision to make a change


Purpose & Vision

Lifestyle & Wellbeing
Mental Health

Challenge & Adventure
Inspiring Stories

"One thing I knew for certain...

In desert races I am going to hit a wall at one point or another and it is going to feel like the entire world is caving in on me..."

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