4 Deserts Grand Slam

My Goal; To be the youngest Female in the World to complete Racing The Planet’s Four Deserts Grand Slam in one calendar year – 2018.

Aim; To raise $20,000 for the White Cloud Foundation. http://whitecloudfoundation.org/


What is this race?
There are several locations for these races including the Sahara Race in Namibia, Atacama Crossing in Chile, the Gobi March in Mongolia and The Last Desert in Antarctica (4deserts.com)

What is 4 Deserts?
The 4 Deserts is the world’s leading rough-country endurance footrace series. A unique collection of world-class events that take place over 7 days and 250km’s in the largest and most forbidden deserts on the planet. In this race, competitors are challenged to go beyond the limits of their physical and mental endurance. Racing self-supported in the most inhospitable climates and formidable landscapes, they must carry all their own equipment and food and are only provided with drinking water and a place in a tent each night to rest. The series was named by TIME magazine in 2010 as one of the world’s Top 10 Endurance Competitions.

Event Dates:
29 April 2018 – Hottest Desert in Namibia
29 July 2018 – Windiest Desert in Mongolia
20 September 2018 – Driest Desert in Chile
November 2018 – Coldest Desert in Antarctica